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EDI: Syntax error in IDoc (segment cannot be identified)

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i m working with ORDERS01. i have syntax error 26 as put in subject line. Reason is

" The segment E1EDP02 does not occur at the current level of the basic type ORDERS01 (extension )"

in IDoc E1EDP02 does not appear as child to E1EDP01.

what is the reason for it ?

can u also tell me in which routine/function module the syntax is checked, so i can have a breakpoint and debug it.


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This happens because you are trying to fill a child segment first before filling the parent segment. Populate the segments in the same hierarchy as in the Idoc.



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i dont think E1EDP02 is filled before E1EDP01. anyway i will check.

another thing. as per syntax in IDOCSYN table HLEVEL of E1EDP02 must be '03'. but for an example IDoc, if i see in table EDID4 field HLEVEL is '00'. that means not OK.