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ECC6 - ALV Grid Output Conversion Exit

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I'm creating a program in ECC6 to display the report in ALV grid by called FM: REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.

EG: Select field (TPLNR) from table IFLOT. Value retrieved are: ?0100000000000000029. However, the output doesnt do the conversion exit to change the TPLNR value to format MY.FO.001.

I did the same in 4.6C system, the ALV report able to display the correct value of TPLNR. Eg: MY.FO.001 instead of


If anyone encountered the same issues in ECC6 system which In an ALV grid, it doesnt to display data that is based on a domain with a conversion exit?


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In the SE16, To display IFLOT,

I chose ALV GRID Display and check conversion exits in the user parameters, It is displaying correctly.

Check the parameter NO_CONVEXT is set or not in the field catalog.



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I managed to view the expected result via SE16. However, am creating the simple program by select the data from table IFLOT and display out in ALV grid report by calling FM:REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.

I tried to use this NO_CONVEXT = ' ' but it doesnt work in ECC6 system.

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Hi Blue Sky,

i'm facing the same issue using alv grid/alv list (using OO and FM).

How do you solved?

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Hi Simone,

Check this NO_CONVEXT in the Structure LVC_S_FCAT. Populate with SPACE in the FCAT Build.

If you have conversion Exit to that field then use the CONVEXIT in the same structure while building Field Catalog. sometimes you have Z converions so you need to check this.

If you a Table field in the FCAT then you dont need all these things. because conversion exits are automatically done. Also COL_OPT = 'X' this will align the ALV in the correct format for output. hope this helps.

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I never filled the field in fieldcatalog and i do not want to start to manage it since i should modify tons of reports...

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Try in fieldcatalog:  no_zero   = 'X' . It work fine in ECC 6.0 .

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Setting no_zero to 'X' worked!  Thanks!