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eai topic

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tel me the actual application of the same that of the any practical example


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EAI is enterprise application integration which acts as a middleware between two applications to integrate the data.

MIDDLEWARE means a software component that connects applications to the network.

Products used as middleware to integrate two apps by eai are TIBCO, SAP XI,Web Services, Microsoft and ibm also having there seperate softwares.

Example: In traditional way we connect two apps point to point with each other means app A is connected with B share data and A is fetching data from DB having P2P conn. similarly other apps also have this obsolete way of integration through which it is very difficult to remove an app from the system.

Now in EAI it uses a common platform eg BUS to integrate all apps. we can attach and detach no of apps to that common medium provided by eai without affecting others performance.

some common types of middleware communication are

1. fire and forget (means you trigger you req for integration and forget, rest middleware will do all)

2. hub and spoke (just like bicycle wheel,you can attach no. of apps/system and detach)

3. publish and subscribe (like web services )

4.synchronous/ async.


Mandeep Virk

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sorry for delay . but u give the answer of my question .its form helpfull for me