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E1PLOGI-OPERA is setting as U even when I am deleting data

Dear Team,

I am deleting PERNR from one HR system which will send an IDOC to another HR system and delete the same PERNR from that system as well through IDOC. But value of E1PLOGI-OPERA was getting transferred as U, which is not deleting the PERNR from other system. What could be the reason ?


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Did you ever find an explenation for this?

We face similar problem when tranfering data fro HR to ERP via ALE. All records are marked with E1PLOGI-OPERA = 'U' nomatter if it is create, change or delete.

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Hi, have a look into FM RH_INFTY_CHANGE_PROT_HRMD, there you can see that cdchgid is set to 'U' from a global variable $UPD_MODE, which has a default value 'U' set in its declaration (and also coming from VALUE(MODE) LIKE  HRDBTAB-OPERA DEFAULT 'U' set as default in FM RH_OBJECT_IDOCSEG_CREATE (just to be very sure it becomes 'U' no matter what). I think it is an error.

Whereas in include UP50RU01 psoper-opera is still ok (in my case it is 'I'). Nobody seems to have raised an OSS since 2010 when this issue was known.