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Hi gurus,

I got a dump when I run one of my program. the dump is described below:

"A conversion error occurred while the program was trying to

display data on the screen. "

in ST22 it sugggest me

A conversion error occurred while the program was trying to

display data on the screen.

The ABAP output field and the screen field may not have the

same format.

Some field types require more characters on the screen than

in the ABAP program. For example, a date field on a screen needs

two characters more than it would in the program. When attempting to

display the date on the screen, an error will occur that triggers the

error message.

Screen name.............. "ZBIN_TRANSFER2"

Screen number............ 0102

Screen field............. "MSG-STOCK1"

Error text............... "FX015: Sign lost."

Further data:

" "

can any one please help me to fix the problem?


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-> DId you by any chance change your field characteristics in the database table?

You could have probably forgot to add it from the dictionary again after your table was adjusted and activated.

Just remove the field and try to add it again.

-> It clearly says there is a field conversion error. So again recheck on the data element characteristics and see if your screen element matches with that of your ABAP output field.

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Hi Nitwick,

Thank you for your quick response. The problem is solved by myself.

After analysis of the dump I got to know that it happen due to -ive value coming into screen field and the field was not able to

convert the sign. This is refere in dump analysis at last. So I have add V at end of the screen field text, now it is working properly.

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Thanks for describing how you solved the issue, as I was having the same isse and solved it by your answer.



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Answered by own.