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I am trying to use DYNP_VALUES_READ function, but finding one problem.

If I scroll the screen, values stored in the previous field is not getting stored... and I am getting current screen fields values only....

How to get the above and below screen fields values other than current screen... Any other function module available to read the values from the screen?

I want to get all the values which user has entered so that I can validate the data.

I am trying to use this function in the User exit of MB31 transaction (Good movement for Production Order).


V Balaji.


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If I try to access the values of not visible fields, then I have getting the dump saying "INVALID_DYNPROFIELD"


Balaji. V

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This is because this function is only for the current dynpro.

This is why you are getting a short dump.

You need to store the results for each screen.

Kind regards


Former Member
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how about using the GET PARAMETER ID pid FIELD f to capture the value from MB31 initial screen. Press F1 key for the field that you need to capture the value and refer to the Parameter Id.


Kelvin Dela Rosa

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Which user-exit are you using for MB31 ?

a) In order to validate custom fields, there are particular user-exits available , where you can do this validation.

b) For SAP specific fields, it usually uses a structure defined in top,(which you can also see pressing F1 on a particular field), and this you can access in any user-exit. A little strange to use <b>DYNP_VALUES_READ</b> for this. Check structure <b>RM07M</b> for this - MB31 transaction.


Subramanian V.