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Dynamic Table Joins

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Hi experts!

Let's say I have a db table with the following columns:

table/structure | field.. | ... | col n

table a............. | field 1 |

table a............. | field 2 |

table a............. | field 3 |

table b............. | field a |

table b............. | field b |

structure x........| field y |

the content of this sap standard table depends on customizing-settings of a user so this here ist just a example of how the table could look like...

right now I use a custom view to join the different tables and get all the fields but since the main sap table is dynamicaly build by customizing settings one would have to update the view everytime the cusztomizing is changed.

can I build a dynamic-kind-of-view or even better a SELECT/JOIN-Statement within a ABAP Program to fill a structure with all the fields from the different tables within the customizing-table above?

How is this done the easiest way?

thanks in advance.




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see the sample code for dynamic fields selection from dymanic table..


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create a maintainance view to update the tables

or try to create a report and join tow table and update and shedule for new records for every 10 min.