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Duplicate Controlling Document (FI)

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HI All,

When we park our document using fv60 system also create a controlling doucment for it. tables for controlling document are COBK, COEP. Now when we post our document normally through fv60 it works fine. But when we create batch input session for document using FBV0

and then process the session it creates another controlling document for it.

Can some one explain the process or give solution



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Hi Wasim,

parking a document in FI (trx FV60) does not yet generate a CO document, a controlling document is created only after a document is posted.

I'm not sure I'm following your scenario..Are you sure you are parking invoices in FV60 because you can also post invoices there? Maybe have documents posted already and the batch run is posting them again?


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HI Mikko,

Actually we have modified fv60 to utilize the budget at parking level Now when we park our document it will create a controlling document for it but when we post it normally through fv60 it only modify that parked doucment and change its status it goes well.

But when we create a Batch input session of document and process the session using sm35 it creates another controlling document.

I think that using batch input session it breaks the link to park document and treat it as budget is not yet utilized but it does fine when we park our document using fv60 after parking it.

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Yes, it must be like that. My guess without knowing your implementation is that the custom parked FI document - CO document link does not cover all cases of parked FI document editing.