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dump while copying the entries in view cluster

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Hi Experts,

I am having a scenario where i am getting the dump while copying the entries through the vies cluster.

I have 2 tables CU00 and CU01. CU01 is depended on CU00.

CU00- it is having schema which are defined by the user.(SCHEMA-P,DESC)

CU01- this table is having the different tabs in a tab strip for a each of the user defined schema.(SCHEMA-P,SEQNO-P,TABID)

the data will be as follows

In CU00

SCHEMA1 first schema

SCHEMA2 second schema

In CU01





I maintained above 2 tables in a view cluster by making CU00 is the start point and defined the field dependencies as well.

in the T-code SE54 i tried to copy the existing schema and all its dependencies(means all the dependent entries in the CU01 table also).

when i pressed the SAVE button it is going for the dump by saying due to duplicate entries in the table CU01.

but it should check the consistency and display the error message when i pressed the COPY key.

I am badly struck up here. Please help me on this issue.

thanks in advance.


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Is CU01 a view? If yes, then instead of creating entries there, just create entries in database tables used in this view. The entry will be automatically created.

Let me know if this helps.


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Hi Gouri,

CU01 and CU00 both are dictionary tables.

What I think is, while copying all the dependencies for a particular schema the system ha to check whether the data can be inserted into the child tables or not. I too dont know whether this can be done or not.

If not, it should display an error message stating that " primary key violation occurs please use different key values..."

thanks for the reply.

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It depends upon how you are inserting the data. If we upload entries in foreground via SM30 etc, it might give error message for each entry saying "key already exists". But, in background it generally gives dump if "ACCEPTING DUPLICATE KEYS" is not used for database INSERT statement. How are you copying data?


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I am copying the data by transaction SM34,

in SM34 , I am selecting a header entry and clicked on copy button.

then it is prompting me with three option 1.copy all 2.copy this entry only3.cancel

I selected the first option because i wanted to copy all the dependencies also.