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Download image

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I upload an image on transaction SE78 for using with smartforms .

Now ,at this moment i need to download it from sap machine to a local machine. We lost the image on the local machine


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I Think It is not possible.

you may achieve by doing some R&D.

the image file will be stored in some where in different format.

may be you need to download that into a file having extension '.gif'. then may be you can retrieve.



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One smart solution.

May I know where is your image in SE78 or OAOR.

Any way where ever it is you click on that OBJECT ID to view it.

After you get the image in SAP system in keyboard press PRINT SCREEN then place in MS PAINTER.

you can edit it in any way. again re-load.


You can go through my idea.

Here it is very easy and can be manageable in any way.



The same issue I faced long back.and i solved in this way.

If you have any solution to download plsss place it in forum.

If this helps you make sure to award points.

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I have my graphic on SE78.

I find a function group for sapscript .One of this functions is called SAPSCRIPT_GET_GRAPHIC_BDS .With this function you download the graphic to a table.

I download the graphic to a internal table but i can't create the graphic correctly in my local machine.I use the file format BIN

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After your call to SAPSCRIPT_GET_GRAPHIC_BDS, try calling the following fm SAPSCRIPT_CONVERT_BITMAP with OLD_FORMAT = 'BDS' and NEW_FORMAT = 'BMP'.

And then use table parameter BITMAP_FILE to download with file format BIN.

Hope this helps..