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Documentation on LAE Contract import program FILA_MIGRATION_IMPORT

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Hi Everyone,

I am working on the migration of contracts from our Legacy System to SAP and I was wondering if anyone could point me to where I could find some documentation on using the import program FILA_MIGRATION_IMPORT. This program is used to load contracts into LAE.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Melissa,

Are you able to make this program working.I am stuck at the point where value ids have to be generated.The input file will not have this info, so I am wondering how the value ids would get generated by this program.Because if I am not giving any value id dat in the input file it gives error "Value/substitution not determined".

If you have any idea,can you please help me out here.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Madhu,

In my input file I am providing Value Ids so I am not receiving this error.

As I am currently in the investigation stage I have used the export program FILA_MIGRATION_EXPORT to create a file from an existing LAE contract to use as the basis for my input file.

I am in the process of determining where all the data for the LAE Tables comes from on the CRM Contract. We are creating a program in CRM to extract the data from the contract into the format accepted by the LAE import program. This is a long process! It would be nice if there was a program in CRM that already does this!

Also for your information there are some OSS Notes that may need to be applied to the FILA_MIGRATION_IMPORT program.



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That's correct....If you give the value ids in the file the error won't come.But as far as my understanding value ids won't be a part of CRM gets generated in ECC side in LAE.

That's my concern as in how the value id info would get generated...Even we are also in the middle of this process and trying to figure out solution for accrual postings,value ids and one time postings as this data woun't be part of CRM extract file.

If you get some info on this ,please let me know.Meanwhile I am also looking for some solution here.

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hello, i know this is old post but maybe you can help me , i am in the same stage that you describe above:

...of determining where all the data for the LAE Tables comes from on the CRM Contract.

right now i am looking how the value for the table FILA_GT_ITEMSVAL is generate if you can give some hint about this i will very glad.


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current I am configuring the LAE in my project. In the process needs to transfer any data from CRM to LAE. Have some doubts on it. May I ask if you can help on them.

Thank you.