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¿Do you know how to transport deletion from enhancement implementation?

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Hi guys.

I created an enhancement implementation and only created an implicit enh. point. But we realized this change is not useful. I transported this enhancement point to Quality system, where changes are forbidden. Do you know if I go to enhancement point, right click its name and go to Enhancement implementation -> Undo implementation it could be transportable? Because I know I can delete code and functionality will be the same again, but the enhancement point will still be there. How do you can transport the "Undo" of an enhancement implementation? Thank you!


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HI Gilberto,

On DEV system, you can right click on Entrancement and select Enhancement Operation ->Undo Implementation and Activate it.Although Enhancement point is there, it's implementation is not present .So it will not affect the existing logic.

Now import the changes to Quality system. This will be similar to importing earlier verion on Quality system.

Best Regards,