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Do you have r/3 4.7 ides system access if yes continue ....

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Hi, Do you have r/3 4.7 ides system access if yes continue reading; i want to verify if you have Add-on ALMBAPI per-installed with fresh r3 4.7 IDES system or not?

Or alternatively can you check if RFC/FM BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN exist in your 4.7 IDES system?

if yes

1. can you find all the packages belong to software component ALMBAPI by doing below steps:

    • Go to T-code SE16N
    • Fill table – TDEVC
    • Press enter.
    • Enter field ‘Software Component’ value- ‘ALMBAPI’ [technical field name DLVUNIT]

          Need all the packages name you get in this run.

2. Can you also find find objects(more like count on number of objects, if you can provide names of objects and type of object that would be very  nice). You can find all the objects in all the packages found in previous package in table TADIR.

    • Go to T-code SE16n
    • Fill in table – TADIR
    • Press enter.
    • Enter field ‘package’ – (Fill in all the packages you got in step 1) [Technical field name DEVCLASS]

I need all the objects list you get from there against all the packages you get in previous step.

I need object list from first and second run.

I am trying to see if this RFC along with required objects can be back ported into 4.6c system.

Just for information if anybody is going to suggest to get Add-on ALMBAPI downgrade kit for 4.6c, its not available as of now from SAP.




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