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Display of TExt in SMartforms

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Hi Team,

I have designed the smartform where the attached text ,i placed it in so10 object ...but, it does not display in a single goes to second line.

Its a static text, how can i place it in smartform ?...I tried it in template but , it throws "template does not fit into Window."

Can anyone suggest an idea on it .

attached the screeen shot for reference .

Window :

Template :


KArthik S


Active Contributor
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I hope. Text Size is not fit to the single line because of that reason it cam out side.

A jar capacity is 2 liters, but you are try to pour 3 liters of water , What it will do, Excess of water flow outside. Increase the size of the window else. Reduce the size of the Text. Then you can get the Clarity how it is behaving.

"template does not fit into Window."

Same answer. I hope template size is larger than the window, Try to reduce the height of the template.

then check it.