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Display access to FN8X

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Hi experts,

I have a request to have the transaction code FN8X for display only to payoff. I have tried restricting the object FD_BO_BUK to activity 03 only but when i click on pay-off it says that I can not create a payoff.

I then decided to add the acitivty 01 for the authorization object FD_BO_BUK, but the permitted activities are only 02, 03, 07, and 10.

When I put * on the activity it can simulate the payoff but the user can now post it, which I do not want to happen.

Is there any way that I can restrict this transaction code to display only for payoffs or if there are any other transaction code that can simulate a payoff?

Also is it advisable to change a SAP standard authorization object? Since I changed the FD_BO_BUK to have permitted activity of 01?



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No it is not advisable to change SAP standard authorization object.if you want to change any SAP standard authorization object, first thing deactivate your standard object and add it manually.Then change the manually insterted object.

I am not aware which transaction can display this.

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Below is a copy/Paste from SAP performance assistant, i am sure it gives better insight on the different activities and their usage

The authorization object FD_BO_PK checks whether a user is authorized to process business operations for a certain product type in a certain company code. This check still considers the activity required by the user and the business operation category itself.

The authorization check within the business operations works according a principle of inclusion. This means that a user with the authorization to activate a business operation is also authorized to delete a business operation and the authorization to post implies the authorization to reverse a posting.

Defined fields


Company code


Product type


Activity. Permitted activities:

02 Change

03 Display

07 Activate / Generate (corresponds with Delete)

10 Post (corresponds with Reverse / Reset)


Business operation category, such as Payoff, Borrower Change without Capital Transfer, and so on.

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Hi Shekar,

So this is a object "FD_BO_PK" we need to add manually to the role.

by default I am observing that this object is not in a role/transaction.

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the object i mentioned in the previous post is wrong (I am sure that even you didnt realise that FD_BO_PK does not exist). It should rather be FD_BO_BUK and there is no need to add it manually as FN8X checks for this

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Now it is correct.