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diffrence between syncronous and asyncronous data processing in bdc

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hai to all

i have want clarification between syncronous and asycronous data processing in bdc.

waht happens in the sap while this processess are going on

thanks in advance



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Rich Heilman

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HI Sindu,

In synchronus method until one record process takes place into database next record will not process.

In asynchronus immedate updation of data into database table.

In synchronous method incase if there is any change in the table all the related tables will be changed accordingly and then sy-subrc will be returned.In asynchronous method in case if there is any change in the table the s-subrc will be immediatel returned and then the related tables will be updated. the diffrence between these two is in asynchronous even if the related tables are not updated the sy-subrc will still be returned as 0.



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hai vj

im not asking about updation im asking about processing,

ie in bdc session method will do asyncoronous processing and syncronous updation, in call transaction it is different, iwant what happens in sap when it is processing sycronously or asyncronously apart from syncrounous or asyncronous table updation.

thanks in advance


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hi sindu,

I can explain u littlebit here

processing asynchronous means

v will get one session at the end of bdc rite, while working with this session in session method, all the records r taken by the session at a time and process those records one by one through the application and validates the application

normally if the session takes one record once it should process through the applicaion and validate then it should update the database, one cycle is completed with the first record then it goes for the second record this is normally synchronous proces

that means in synchronous process once the system processes it will go to the databse once n for the second process again it go to the database for updating

like this if u have 50,000 records session will go to so many times to database with this network traffic increases alot and the load one the server also increases alot which is not advisable

where as in asynchronous processing session after validating the data go only once to the database n update the data base there only once

this is my understanding regarding the synchronous n asynchornouls if i did any mistake sorry for that



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<b><u>Call transaction:</u> synchronus processing and async. update</b>

When you are uploading records using call transaction, it will initiate the transaction for processing (wait untill it starts processing) and goes to next record. It will not wait untill that record is updated in the database tables.

<b><u>Session Method:</u> Async. processing and sync update</b>

In session method, all records will be loaded(creates a session, but will not initiate the transaction untill you start processing the session, hence async processing)in to a session and when you start processing the session,for each record the application document will be created (sysn. update) and then will go to process 2nd record.


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i think you are intrested in updation method

as you no there are some updattion workprocess(just like spool, dialog and background) in sap which updates database tables.

in session method (syn upd)

bdc data is submitted to update workprocess and waits untill update process updates the database and then it goes to then next bdcdata record.

in Call transaction(asyn or syn updation)

if you opt for asyn updation then bdcdata is submitted to update workprocess and starts processing next bdcdata record without waiting for the update workprocess result.

i hope this will clear your doubts

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ohh i am sorry as you are intersted in process

session method (Asyn)

this is asynchrounous becasue when you run your program it will create a session.

and then you have to process the session.

which is a two step process thats why it is asynchrounous process.

in call transaction(Syn)...

Here you just need to execute your program (sap will takecare of updating your dbcdata) its a one step process so its synchrounous process.

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Syncronous:Data will be processed one after the other.

Example:If record 1 is being processed,the record 2 should wait for its chance.

ASyncronous:All the records will be processed coming together will be processed once only.No need of waiting.