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Differentiating a GR document from a transfer posting document

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I am a developer working on FMS project .

I have to create a view where I have to show some GI movement types as well as transfer movement types.

My code differentiates GR and GI documents based on debit credit indicator T156-SHKZG.

For GI , SHKZG = 'H' and for GR , SHKZG = 'S'.

But different transfer movement types have different values for this indicator.

For e.g. Movement type 311 ( Transfer posting within a plant between different storage locations )  has SHKZG = 'H'

whereas 322 ( Moving stock from unrestricted to quality ) has SHKZG = 'S' .

Is there a  field  which  can be used to differentiate between a GR document and a TP document.

Please give your inputs. Let me know if you need any more information.




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You gave the answer yourself already, the field is movement type (311 vs 322)

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Hi Peter

Thank You for replying .

I cannot hardcode based on movement types.



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Well you need to give more details about what your requirement is. You are asking for a field to make the distinctin and that is there: movement type. If there was any other field where you could determine this, how would you handle that ? So why can you not do that with the field movement type ?

Your requirement is not clear enough to be able to help you out. So please elaborate.