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Different language for uploading

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Hi all,

We have an inbound file to create customer data. The name and address are in Thailand language. We are going to load to the SAP with logon language is in English.

We use GUI_UPLOAD when looking the data in internal table, the Thailand character can no be recognized.

Our requirement is to that SAP must be able to upload the Thailand character (name and address of the customer).

Is the data looked in the internal (in unrecognize format) will be able to be uploaded in Thailand character? or it has to log on using Thailand language so that our name and customer address can be in Thailand character?

Any idea please help me. We will also have another inbound file from Taiwan.

Thanks a lots



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this cannot work, because of codepage issues. You have to write the dialog for the file upload for yourself. At least use 'open dataset' with the addition 'codepage' to load the file.

in the administration area of r/3 there is a sample transaction to see how to write a file browser on the application server's directory.

Otherwise try the language settings in windows



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Hello Stefan

how to check codepage in our system? we are using version 5.

many thanks


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Hi Alia,

If the system is Unicode enabled then you should be able to see the Thai characters even in debugging mode and can use English as logon language to upload.

However if the system is not an Unicode enabled system then You need to logon in Thia so that the system recognises the characters.

By the way GUI_UPLOAD has a codepage parameter for opening the file in the encoding which you can specify.If you leave this empty then the FM opens the file in the codepage of the presentation server. This would be helpful in a Unicode environment where you can view thia characters even in English logon language.

Hope this helps

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Hi all,

Our system environment is already unicode enabled, so why the Thai can not be read?

What is the codepage value parameter has to be passed?

Many thanks ya.