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what are the exact differences between user-exits and BADI's.


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Go thru this link.........



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Go thru this link.........


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In user exits we go by general method for enhancements

while BADIs we use objects (oops concepts)

methods for enhancement

UserExits r used for adding additional functionality to the

existing SAP standard transactions.Using UserExits we can

add additional functionality standard SAP functionality

without making any changes to the original code.BADI is a

standardized interface for ABAP sources that enables

partners and customers to enhance SAP-delivered programs in

their namespace.


Making enhancements using the transactions SMOD/CMOD has

the following disadvantages:

1) This enhancement technique assumes a two-tiered system

infrastructure (SAP u2013 customers).

2) The naming conventions in effect do not tolerate name


3) It can be called only once. i.e. A user exit can not be

assigned to more than one project.

Adavantages of BAdI

1) Fulfills the requirements of a system infrastructure

containing country versions, industry solutions, partners,

and customers.

2) Business Add-Ins should be considered generalized

Business Transaction Events that can be used to bundle

program, menu and screen enhancements into a single add-in.

3) Business Add-Ins can be created and employed in each of

the various software levels.

4) BAdI can be called namy times. i.e. BAdI implementation

can be assigned to more definations.

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Hi Sandeep,

Please check these forms

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Hi sandeep G ,

The Differences b/w the USER EXIT and BADI are :

1) BAdi is enhancement with object oriented touch whereas User-Exit is enhancement with normal conventional ABAP coding.

2) SE18 & SE19 are used for BAdi definition & implementation whereas SMOD & CMOD are used to search & implement a project for User-Exit \

3) BAdi can have N number of implementations for the same project whereas User-Exit can have one-and-only single implementation

4) BAdi is global presence in the sense means that implemented exit can also be used for another standard program or tcode whereas it's not possible with user-exit.

>>Why we have to use BADI instead of USER EXIT?

B'coz of points 3 & 4 we opt for BAdi rather than user-exit.



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Hi Sandeep,

Please refer the below link for the diffrences

Difference between BADIS and User Exits

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