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Difference between the different Data Migration Methods (BDC, LSMW, CATT)

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hi all,

could anyone explian the difference between BDC, LSMW, CATT in the context of data migration?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?


Wang Hui


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The differences between LSMW and BDC are as follows: LSMW is generally for normal SAP applications, while BDC is mainly for any customized application.

LSMW provides various methods for the migration of data, namely, those of direct input, Batch input recording and IDOC. BDC however, simply makes use of recording. There are two ways of implementing BDC, the call transaction method and the session method.

In LSMW, mapping is taken care of with the help of SAP, whereas in BDC one has to provide explicit mapping directions.

Coding is not very flexible in LSMW, whereas in BDC, coding is very flexible and applications can be easily customized. This is mainly because LSMW is devised specially for functional consultants who do not perform coding, while BDC is mainly made use of by technical consultants, who do perform coding.

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BDC - generally for 1 time conversion we use this.because screen changes in upgradation will effect bdc.

BAPI - for regular conversions we use this.screen changes can be adjusted.

LSMW - requires more configuration to be done.but can be used for simple uploads which requires less coding.

CATT - this is genarally used by functional consultants for testing purpose,not used much for conversions.

hope this will help u .

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Hi Wang,

please see the link.


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The major difference between the LSMW and cATT

LSMW: is uesd to migration of data from non-sap system to

the sap system or sap system to sap what happend

means the data is migrated from the one system to another

system. so this is a migration tool

whereas in CATT is used to computer aided testing tool is

used to test the abap object

so this is a testing tool (catt)

this is a migration tool (lsmw)


1. lsmw - no programming requried,

whereas in call transaction & bdc session,

programming required.

2. in call transaction,

no session concept

(data is updated AS SOON AS we run the prgoram)

where as in lsmw, and session,

SESSION is generated (in both cases)

Only after when we run this session,

does the data get updated.

3. In call transactin program,

we have to handle error list and take action.

whereas in lsmw, & session,

(since session is run)

flexibility is there to check and control errors.