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Difference between Enhancement and Modifications?

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Can you please tell me what is the difference between the modifications and enhancement..


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Hi ,

Enhancement means you're making or adding additional

functionality to the standard functionality. You're not

going to change the standard program where as Modification

means you're changing the standard code and then adding the

functionality which sometimes leads major error and gives

problems during software upgrade.

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Hi Mike,

Enhancements are hooks provided by SAP for extending the business logic without hampering the standard code.

These are User Exits / BADI's

In USer Exits , we have

1. Function Exits

2. Screen Exits

3. Menu Exits

4. Field Exits

Modifications are incorporating the changes in Standard SAP Program by taking access key to suite the particular business requirement.

Changes thro Enhancements will not hamper future upgrades, but Modifications will have to be taken care during future upgrades.

Pl.go thro the following links for further understanding.


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can I get any good study material for userexit..

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MODIFICATIONS : Change to the standard functionality by changing the SAP object itself using the 'ACCESS KEY ' from SAP .These objects needs to be observed during version upgrades as the upgrade patches might overwrite the code written by you . Except for certain incode user exits provided by SAP like MV45AFZZ .

ENHANCEMENTS : Change to the standard functionality by using the exits / badis provided by SAP. These objects do not need any access key from SAP. These changes will not get over written during SAP version upgrades.



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Look at <a href="">Changing the SAP Standard (BC)</a>

<b>Enhancements to the Standard</b>

Enhancements represent potential customer requirements that have not been developed in the standard. Instead, the standard provides for further development of such exits at the customer site, using logic specific to the customer. Upward compatibility is assured since SAP guarantees that the call of an enhancement from the standard software and the calling interface will remain valid in future releases.

You can make enhancements to the standard using customer exits.

From Release 4.6A, you can implement enhancements for the system standard using a new technique called Business Add-Ins

<b>Modifying the Standard</b>

Before you modify your system or develop your own solution, make sure that your requirements cannot be fulfilled by either Customizing or Personalization, or by the exits or business add-ins provided in the system.

Before making modifications to the standard, refer to the section on the Modification Assistant

For information on modifying SAP tables, consult the portion of the ABAP Dictionary documentation called Making Changes to Tables . You can also create append structures for tables and structures with the Modification Assistant (see Modifying Tables and Structures ).

SSCR (SAP Software Change Registration) is a procedure for registering all modifications to SAP source code and SAP Dictionary objects. For more information on this subject, see the section on the SAP Software Change Registration Procedure (SSCR) .

You should also consult the sections General development organization


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