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Difference between Data Transfer and Data Migration

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Hi Everyone,

I've come across the two terms data transfer and data migration with very close meaning.

Request you to define these terms as applied in SAP.

If there is no difference, they must be used interchangeably with the same meaning.

As a functional consultant, my understanding is that when data comes into an SAP system from any non-SAP system,then it is data migration. And I'm not sure if data transfer is conceptually different from this.

Please advise.

Thank you very much.



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Data transfer is usually just the pure data transfer between two systems, whereas a data migration might involve conversions or adjustments of the data before it is put into the system.

Data transfer can happen between any systems whereas migration is usually from an (older) legacy system to SAP or an older SAP system to a newer SAP system (or an older SAP system to a newer legacy system).

Hope that helps,


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Thank you Michael.

Appreciate your help.