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Dialog screen radio button

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All experts:

how to set the defautl value in the dailog screen radio button, I want to set the radion button not-selected in the first screen..

e.g. I create three radio button the screen 1000 and group of them, when I run this program, both of them should not seleted, how to do this?

thanks in advance.


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if u want default for radiobutton.

data: r1 radiobutton group g1 default 'X',

r2 radiobutton group g1,

r3 radiobutton group g1.

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I set this but, it shows errors:

Unable to interpret "RADIOBUTTON". Plssible causes of error: Incorrect spelling or comma error.

Does we can use this in dialog program:

data: r1 radiobutton group g1.??

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Whichever parameter you want to select assign the default value 'X' to it.



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use the code below...


r1 radiobutton group rad1 default 'X',

r2 radiobutton group rad1,

r3 radiobutton group rad1.

use PARAMETERS rather than DATA .

With Luck,


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In he Module Pool, it can not use this code.

I want to create it in the module pool, can every one tell me how do it?