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Dialog Programming

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Dear All

Please give me some guidance for

learning Dialog Programming

Thanks and Regards



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pls check this,,

try samples:



Dialog Programming

1.Dialogue programs are not stand alone programs. (we

have to link the dialogue programs to at least one or


2. We use Dialogue Programs to read & change

Database tables.

3.Dialogue programs are controlled by Screen flow logic.

4.Dialogue program is also called as Module pool program


5.These module pools are separated in to PBO and PAI


Hope this helps.



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Hi Suresh ,

First There is no Majar Change in List programming and Module pool programming.

you may read Many document but get the 10 % knowledge unless you won;t create some thing.

So My suggestion is used Tcode se80.

Create one module pool program by Adding Top Inclue.

1. Click all 4 Module Create them and save in you program.

2. Add a screen name it as 1000.

3. Now in the Top Module Define one internal table of any Table type let kna1.

4. Go to screen ,Click on Layout ,You got the screen here Click F6 (Goto->Sec.window->Dic. pgm fields) From here Select the Fields which you want to display.

5. Again go to Screen In process Before output.

Un Commect the Code Pf-Status. Added it and deine the button as per your requirement.

6. Create one more module here and in that module fetch data in internal table you have define.

7. In PAI (In process After input create)

module user_command_9000 input.

case ok_code.

when 'ENTE'. " name of ypu push button you have define in PF status'

Perform write_prform_name.


end module.

Thsi is one small thing I have descrive , First go throught with it later you get many thing.


Swati namdeo

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Hi suresh

For lerning dialog programming you can refer to the following link

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Structure of a Dialog Program

A dialog program consists of the following basic components:

Screens (dynpros)

Each dialog in an SAP system is controlled by dynpros. A dynpro (DYnamic PROgram) consists of a screen and its flow logic and controls exactly one dialog step. The flow logic determines which processing takes place before displaying the screen (PBO-Process Before Output) and after receiving the entries the user made on the screen (PAI-Process After Input).

The screen layout fixed in the Screen Painter determines the positions of input/output fields, text fields, and graphical elements such as radio buttons and checkboxes. In addition, the Menu Painter allows to store menus, icons, pushbuttons, and function keys in one or more GUI statuses. Dynpros and GUI statuses refer to the ABAP/4 program that control the sequence of the dynpros and GUI statuses at runtime.

ABAP/4 module pool

Each dynpro refers to exactly one ABAP/4 dialog program. Such a dialog program is also called a module pool, since it consists of interactive modules. The flow logic of a dynpro contains calls of modules from the corresponding module pool. Interactive modules called at the PBO event are used to prepare the screen template in accordance to the context, for example by setting field contents or by suppressing fields from the display that are not needed. Interactive modules called at the PAI event are used to check the user input and to trigger appropriate dialog steps, such as the update task.

All dynpros to be called from within one transaction refer to a common module pool. The dynpros of a module pool are numbered. By default, the system stores for each dynpro the dynpro to be displayed next. This dynpro sequence or chain can be linear as well as cyclic. From within a dynpro chain, you can even call another dynpro chain and, after processing it, return to the original chain.

Check this link for basics.

Check this link for Dialog Programming/Table Control

Check this SAP Help for Dialog Program doc.

Check this SAP Help link for Subscreens.

Check this link for subscreen demo program.

Also check this link too.



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Hi Suresh,

Check out the below link for all ABAP materials & also for sample codes,

interview questions

[ABAP Materials|]