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Dialog Programming date search help

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I'm doing an UI for maintain a table and i did the following:

1. Create an structure in the dictionary that contains the table's fields.

2. Create a module pool and into the TOP include i have declared an internal table that includes the structure:

        INCLUDE STRUCTURE z_str_table.
DATA: END OF it_table.

3. Create a new dynpro.

4. In the screen painter i have used the wizard for create a table into the dynpro. Following the wizard steps, Indicate to the wizard that use the internal table, thet select the fields to be displayed, then mark input and selection column, then select the table functions and indicate the includes for PAI, PBO, TOP and Forms.

My problem is that the structure has a date fields and into the dynpro table those fields doesn't have the standard search help.

Do somebody knows what can i do to make the standard search help available for those fields?

Please i need some help on that urgent.




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If the field is "like sy-datum" or similar, try selecting F4 when you cursor is on that field - it should work... if you want the "Possible entries" indicator to show when you tab onto that field, make sure that in the attributes for that element in the table control you select the Possible Entries value of 1 (temporary display). If your field is just a "D" type, you might need your own logic along the lines of:

report zlocal_jc_sdn_f4_date.

  p_date              type d.

at selection-screen on value-request for p_date.
  call function 'F4_DATE'
      date_for_first_month = p_date
      select_date          = p_date.


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Hi ,

In the stucture, while creating a structure in the place data type give the dataelement which you want to have the standard help for the field.

Eg: if you want the data for standard help took the dateelement and declare it in data type where

you have standard help.

date1 type erdat ( obviously you will get the calender there )

to select the date

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