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Development Standards

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Hello experts,

Is there an SAP published ABAP development standards document that the customers can follow ?


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Hi Rejitha,

Refer SAP Note no.84282



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Akhil, thanks for the reply. However, the note you mentioned is specific to the naming conventions. I am looking for something more than just the naming conventions. We maintain an internal standards document at our company which includes naming conventions and also general development standards like always check sy-subrc value after database selects, core-mods should always be the last option for code enhancements etc. But, I want to know if SAP has a similar standards document for developers so we can compare with what we have currently and see if there's anything that needs to be added.

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You go to SE30 and then click Tips & Tricks, there you will find a lot of to do and not to do lists. Naming conventions or standards are usually based on client needs or your company needs and they are separate for each of them. The kind of list you are saying is like a CoE (Center of Excellence) document and needs to be build specific to your company. Such documents are never shared, you could find few on the net but no one will share the whole document so you need to build your own.

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