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Determining the length of characters before space

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How can I use the search functionality to determine the length of the first word before the space?

For example lets suppose the string is 'Uzbekistan Russia USA' how can I use the search or any other functionality to determine the length of Uzbekistan? I cannot use a constant number and I have to dynamically calculate for each string.

With best regards,



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data : text(40) value 'Uzbekistan Russia USA' ,



len type i.

split text at space into text1 text2.

compute len = strlen( text1 ).

write : / len.


shiba dutta

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since the number od words are not defined hence u need to split data and take it into a internal table.

data: itab type table of string.

split text at space into itab.

loop at itab.

compute len = strlen( itab ).

write : / len.


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DATA: str1 TYPE string,

str2 TYPE string,

str3 TYPE string,

itab TYPE TABLE OF string,

text TYPE string.

text = `What a drag it is getting old`.

SPLIT text AT space INTO: str1 str2 str3,

TABLE itab.

describe str1 length len.

Reward if useful!

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Hi Ketan,

try this:

data : text(40) value 'Uzbekistan Russia USA'.

data: begin of itab occurs 0,


end of itab.


data: strlen type i.

split text at space into table itab.


loop at itab.

strlen = strlen( itab-txt ).

write: / itab-txt, strlen.


Regards, Dieter