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Demerits of Internal Table

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hi experts,

can anyone explain wht r the demerits of internal table


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Hi Ramakrishna,

There is nothing like demerits for an internal table,

Intrenal table is a temporary table through which u can display entries and even u can modify existing dat base table.

iternal table will hold the data at a particular instance in a program when a program is executed and not all the time like data base table. even this is not demerit .

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Regards ,


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When the Data in internal becomes/exceeds high, problem arises with Memory.

So to handle such situations <b>Field groups</b> are used.

In the same way as an internal table, an extract dataset is made up of a dynamic number of lines. The size of the extract dataset is theoretically unlimited, if the size exceeds 500 KB, it is stored in a file of the operating system. Sizes of up to 2 GB (and larger for 64-bit processors) are practicable. In contrast to internal tables, the individual lines can have different structures. The line structures are declared using the statement FIELD-GROUPS.

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internal table holds the data only during runtime and it holds data temperarily.

where as database will hold the data permanently.

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Vinutha YV

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hi ramakrishna

internal tables have following disadvantages

1. Data can stored in internal tables only at runtime.once our program is closed then data available in internal tables are lost.

2. To populate data into inetrnal tables form sap tables first we have to create internal tables of structure same as to database tables. if there is no option of having a generic structure for internal tables to hold data from any sap tables

for ex: if we want to populate data from 10 database tables, in our program we must create 10 internal tables to hold that data