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Delivery User-Exit

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Hi Gurus,

I have one requirement, we have a cross-sales functionality.

Actually I can illustrate like this, if customer gives a sale order for a main material (Cell Phone) we also give cell phone pouches also for the same.

If 10 Cell phones are ordered, we also give 10 pouches for the same order.

Now if there are only 7 Cell phones are availlable, then we give 7 pouches(even if 10 are availabe)

To map this req in SAP.

I am using delivery user exit (MV50AFZZ).

Can anyone help me, how to achive this.

In the user-exit , I could add code and the sub-item is coming in the exit.

Once I append it and come out of exit, I couldnt see same in delivery document.

Even the problem is persists in sales order.

Thanks for Help


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I'm not sure why you would handle that in a delivery user exit? I mean, why would you allow the delivery process to start on the phones when you're not even sure what the ATP situation is on the pouches? Why not use a kit on the sales order with a 1-to-1 ratio and the appropriate item categories and copy control settings?

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Hi Brad,

Thanks for quick help.

I want to do it at delivery level, becuase if I start doing the same at Sales Order level, I need to do it for different sales order types.

What do you suggest.

Thanks Prasad

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Which internal table are you appending??