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Delivery ticket

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This is my requirement,

<b>Issue 1...Min Days</b>


1)Select KNUMV from VBAK where VBELN = Rental Order

2)Select KNUMH from KONV where KNUMV = Pricing Condition Record from Sales Document and KSCHL = “ZREN”

3)Select KSTBM from KONM where KNUMH = Condition Record from Condition Table where the Pricing Condition Record was selected from – Consider first record from the resulting selection

I could understand the 1st & 2nd statements,But i could not understand the 3rd condition.

I dono what to pass in the where condition.


<b>Issue2...Min Charge</b>

Minimum daily rental amount to be charged for the Minimum number of days a Tool / Equipment is rented

Min Charge – KONM-KBETR

Refer to Min Days access and select KONM-KBETR

How to get min charge ????


<b>Issue3 ...Add’l Day Charges</b>

Daily Rental Amount to be charged for each additional day if Tool / Equipment rented over the minimum number of days

Add’l Day Charges – KONM-KBETR

Consider second record when selecting from KONM

Refer to Min Days access and select KONM-KBETR

How to select second record from KONH???????

Could you guide me on that.




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fetch the data as follows

select vbeln knumv from vbak into table itab where vbeln = p_vbeln.

if not itab[] is initial.

select knumv kposn kbetr kwert knumh from konv into table itab1

for all entries in itab

where knumv = itab-knumv.


if not itab1[] is initial.

select knumh kbetr kwert from konm into table itab2

for all entries in itab1

<b>where knumh = itab1-knumh.</b>


take the records from konm and sort the table entries by kbetr.

so take the record where the rate KBETR is less among all entries

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