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Hi, I'm trying to do a Goods Receipt from a Purchase Order using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE and I need to fill the DELIVERY NOTE field that appears in MIGO (and in MB01) but I can't find this field in the Header or Item structures of the BAPI.

Is there an OSS NOTE that fix this?

Is the field I need already there but with a different name?

I would be really appreciated if somebody could help (reward points available).

Thanks in advance,

Jose Pinedo


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Hi Jose,

Did you check the field DELIV_NUMB in the tables parameter GOODSMVT_ITEM?



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Hi All

I also need to update the delivery note (and also the quantity in the delivery note) using the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.

I tried filling the DELIV_NUMB , as recommeded, but it didn't work out. Kindly sugest what is to passed here.

And finally I was able to update the 'Delivery Note' field by filling the field goods_mvt_header-ref_do_no in the BAPI.

But this worked only when I passed the Purcahse Order Number (as I am doing the GR against a PO) in goods_mvt_header-ref_do_no.

If I give any other value, it gives an error M7-036.

How shall I proceed, cause in the MIGO transaction, I am able to fill anything in the Delivery Note field, but using the BAPI, I can update this field only with the PO number.

Thanks & Regards,

Ankur Malhotra

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you must use CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT for deliv numb field

Edited by: sugunav on Sep 8, 2009 5:22 PM

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I did try that, but no sucess.

I am passing lw_goodsmvt_header-ref_doc_no = PO Number.

And this is the value which is getting updated in the Delivery Note of the GR.