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Deletion of table entries from the programTADIR

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i am using the the program to fetch the data from TADIR and for certain package and i am displaying the data on the screen.know i need to delete the data in the table TADIR, in the debugging mode i have noticed that the developement class is also existing so when i write the delete statement in the loop then the development class will also get deleted, can any one help me out in this, attached sample code.

SELECT pgmid "Program ID in Requests and Tasks.

object "Object Type.

obj_name "Object Name in Object Directory.

srcsystem "Original System of Object.

author "Person Responsible for a Repository Object.

devclass "Package.

crelease "SAP Release.

delflag "Deletion Flag.

FROM tadir INTO TABLE i_fetch_data

WHERE devclass = p_dclass.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

LOOP AT i_fetch_data INTO wa_fetch_data.

WRITE:/10 wa_fetch_data-pgmid,

30 wa_fetch_data-object,

50 wa_fetch_data-obj_name.

delete table i_fetch_data from wa_fetch_data


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It is possible to delete entries from table in debug mode without writing any prog

but since this is sensitive, i dont want to post an answer on SDN.

if u really want an answer , mention ur req clearly and mail me on



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you can delete as require entries from any table in debugging mode.

But it's plz be cofirm befor apply that one