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Deleting output types in BDC while PO creation

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Hi All,

I am using BDC for PO creation.I am supposed to delete all the outputypes attached in "Messages" while PO creation. The number of output types that a PO will have is fetched dynamically based on some config. Hence i have written a logic to selecet first 8 outputs and delete them.This works for a PO which has minimun 1 output type attached.

However, if no output types are dynamically fetched from database then the Output type field DV70A-STATUSICON(01) to DV70A-STATUSICON(08) is disabled for selection and the transaction goes into error. This record can be seen in the Session as Incorrect and can be processed in foreground to save PO manually.

I want that the above error should not appear.As there is no DATA error, i should be able to save PO's without any output type. For this ill have to build the logic of how an output type is determined for a Vendor,P.Org,Plant,Application and document type combination before BD starts.So that i can skip the deletion part for PO's where there are no output types.

Can anyone tell me which base tables need to be querried?

I have some of them, B025,B567,B027,B566,B565,B560




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In the menu option you have

Edit>Select>All Output.

This will select all the outputs.

After that press delete.

You do not need to manually select all output types everytime then.


Ankur Parab