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Delete Customers telephone and email addresses cmd_ei_api=>

Good day

Can anyone assist me. I have created an abap program to edit customer telephone and email details using the class cmd_ei_api=>. However i first need to delete all the telephone numbers for that customer who is being edit if they have any but im failing to do so using

cmd_ei_api=>maintain. Can you please assist with links or other ideas or samples on how i can acheive this.

Thank you in advance



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Did you look here ? Did you see the comment is it relevant? What about this ? - You can always set '000000000' as a phone no.

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I'm struggling with this, too. I'm unable to delete phone numbers (i.e. overwrite existing numbers with blank). From this thread I got the idea of setting the CURRENT_STATE flag to 'X'. Yet no luck. The best solution so far is what Iftah suggests above - replace the number with some dummy value, e.g. '00000' or '-'.


Hi Thomas,

I know that I am responding to an old post - this answer for anyone who may experience the same issue.

With reference to the structure CVIS_EI_PHONE, in order to delete a Telephone number, specify:

- DATA-CONSNUMBER (of the number to be deleted)


- set TASK = 'D'.

All the CONSNUMBERs can be obtained by first reading the Address data of the customer (you could use FM ADDR_GET_COMPLETE to read the address)

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Thanks Tyrone.

I needed the solution very much.