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Debugging Problem

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Hi all,



I am debugging my Z Program .

But some time it goes into standard programs.

How to come out of that standard program to my Z program.

Please tell me the shortcut key as well.



In debugging mode , How can I execute my code upto dynamic breakpoints ?

Points will be allocated for good answers.




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go on clicking the F7 key for coming out of the standard program till u comes to ur program.

place ur cursor at the position where u want to start debugging and press F8 it will start debugging from that point.

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1. just put one more break point in your Z program at the point where cursor reaches after standard program get executed,

so now when you are in standard program in debugging mode , just execute F8 button so that it reaches to ur z program

2. Execute F8 button

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Hi Raj,

I would like to answer your queries in two parts as well.

1) There is no short-cut to process the Z Program and directly come to a stop when the control enters your code. There is one solution that we can try. you must be aware of the point where the control enters the Standard Code, so setup a break point just after that statement. As soon as debugging enters the standard code you press F8 and the control comes back to your code and stops at the point where u placed a break point.

2) To stop again at another break point and process the entire code between your current position and the anticipated break point you can make use of the function key F8.

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