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DB view vs Maintanance view

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what is the significant difference between DB view and Maintanance view and how these two views differ from projection view...explain with simple easy example..

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You can't use a regular SELECT statement on a maintenance view.


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Data about an application object is often distributed on several database tables. A database view provides an application-specific view on such distributed data.

Database views are defined in the ABAP Dictionary. A database view is automatically created in the underlying database when it is activated.

Application programs can access the data of a database view using the database interface. You can access the data in ABAP programs with both OPEN SQL and NATIVE SQL. However, the data is actually selected in the database. Since the join operation is executed in the database in this case, you can minimize the number of database accesses in this way. Database views implement an inner join (see Inner and Outer Join).


Maintenance views offer easy ways to maintain complex application objects.

Data distributed on several tables often forms a logical unit, for example an application object, for the user. You want to be able to display, modify and create the data of such an application object together. Normally the user is not interested in the technical implementation of the application object, that is in the distribution of the data on several tables.

A maintenance view permits you to maintain the data of an application object together. The data is automatically distributed in the underlying database tables. The maintenance status determines which accesses to the data of the underlying tables are possible with the maintenance view.

All the tables in a maintenance view must be linked with foreign keys, that is the join conditions for maintenance views are always derived from the foreign key (see Foreign Key Relationship and Join Condition). You cannot directly enter the join conditions as for database views.

There are some restrictions for the attributes of the foreign keys with which the tables in a maintenance view can be linked (see Restrictions for Maintenance and