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DB buffer and SE30 performance analysis

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Hi, I want to analyse the performance of my FM with SE30. The first time i called the FM, it took quite long time, as expected. The next time it ran very quickly, probalbu because of some buffers? How can I clear these buffers, so my SE30 performance analysis can be trusted?

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please run the sql trace using ST22. it will give u a better picture.

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Don't clear the buffers, run the trace several times and discard the first measurement, trust and compare the other ones.

Buffering is happening in the production system anyway, so you probably want to analyse under realistic conditions.


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this is a common misunderstanding, the trusted includes the complete system, i.e. the usage of the buffer mainly the table buffers, plus program buffers and also the database caching of indexes and your wanted table content.

Performance problems appear if programs run slow again and again ...

A one time event of a slow execution must be accepted.