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DataType Class?

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like described in my post [RfcRepository.RfcAbapObjectMetadata|], the .NET connector is using the BAPI SEO_GET_CLIF_REMOTE which is only supported by release 7.20 and higher. Do you know for what this BAPI and the type "CLASS" is?

Thanks and regards


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I guess the SEO_GET_CLIF_REMOTE is used to get information about a OO class.

The class type contains the name of the class.

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Hi François,

you have an idea why this should be needed from outside SAP in a connector? Are you able to use classes as "rfc" functionallity in 7.20?


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well I don't know what it should be gout for, but imagine you provide a function that is called by RFC and will use dynamic method call like

(class_name)=>(meth_name) PARAMETER-TABLE ptab EXCEPTION-TABLE etab

So the use of SEO_GET_CLIF_REMOTE may enable you to pass (and return) all parameters using a class.

Just a thought,


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Intresting, but can I pack a class as data type into a structure or table or use it as parameter then?