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DATASET_TOO_MANY_FILES exception while running a batch program

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Hi Pals,

Can you pls help on the exception above?

When we run a particular batch daily, this ABAp dump with exception occurs. There are many file transfers and accesses happening while this job runs. COuld that be a problem?

We tried changing the job timing, but still encountering the same problem.

Hope you will help urgently.


Leeza Thalakottur


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for the sequential files in apllication server .....there is a limit for the memory ......u cannot pass too many files limit u r legacy file and run it as per u r relavance .........

reward points if helpful.....

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certainly the memory for the bacth file holding is limited if that is going to be overloaded certainly it gives such a exception. Try have some control on the files input

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Thanks Raam.

Sorry but I could make out very little from your answer. I can only see very few file handling in this code.What can I do from my end- IS this a code change or any settings?

But, the standard code RFKK_MASS_ACT_SINGLE_JOB has many child jobs in paralell running-Any more input on this would be a great help please.



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Hi leeza,

Some times it happens due to no space in the file (in this case u have to consult ur BASIS , they will provide u another file path, which u have to specify path in the lsmw step.

so contact ur BASIS people.

Reward points if helpful.


Naveen khan

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First check that you are doing a "close dataset" on any files you have finished with in your code... I've seen a lot of programs that don't do this specifically... you could also open a dataset, load the contents into an internal table, and close the dataset and then process the internal table (rather than having the dataset open for a long time during processing).

You can also stick a "catch exception" after the "open dataset" which may pick up the problem you are having e.g. something like (not syntax checked):

open dataset p_fname 
  for input in text mode encoding default. "Unicode

catch system-exceptions dataset_cant_open = 4.
    read dataset p_fname into l_data.
    if sy-subrc eq 0.
      append l-data to lt_data.
if sy-subrc = 4.
*" etc