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Data upload (HR ABAP)

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Hello friends,

I need to upload data related actions infotype. I've multiple records in the file.

i've done recording for the given fields i.e,fields related to Actions infotype(PERNR,BEGDA,INFTY,MASSN,MASSG),

But when i run the prg it is calling the transaction PA30, but after filling in the actions infotype, it is going to the next screen defined in the infogroup.

I want to stop after the data related to actions infotype is filled and update the second record.

Early reply would be appreciated.


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The Infogroup is specific to an Action type.. you can choose the relevant action type ie P0000-massn in your BDC or create one for initial conversion and use that... you can thus avoid the sequence proposed by the Infogroup..


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Hi Suresh,

Thank you for ur reply.

Im running the program for Hiring(massn 01). The problem that im facing is after the actions data filled . It is going to the personal data screen.

I've to upload multiple files related to "actions" infotype only and for this im using Call Trans, My requirement is that after filling in the details for one PERNR, it shd not goto the 0002 screen, and also it shd upload other records of actions.