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Data integrity problem with cl_salv_table

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I have a program that outputs an alv grid via cl_salv_table in full screen. It has a custom function that calls a popup screen that takes inputs and calls another popup that displays another alv in a container. If I make some selections and process those selections, whenever i come back to this last pop up, the data in the alv is always the first set of data, even if the output table contains different data. Also, it is holding the selections and the rows are already highlighted when it displays. I have tried destrying the container, the grid and make certain that the output table contains the fresh data prior to the call to factory( ). I cannot use set_data( ) because the logic is triggered by an event. Any ideas? I'm at my wits end.


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This seems to be related to this alv grid being in a popup. I have another program that has the output table changing and it does just fine. It seems to be happening in the popup only. Please, any suggestions would be appreciated.