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data from external website

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Hi RIch,

i have cretaed one website in, i want to retreive data from there, can anyone help me out with that.....its a generic website and anyone can create a website in that.

i want the data in my ABAP Program.

Is it possible? if yes, how apart from calling FM http_get2




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it can be possible in bsp...BUT xml concept has to be used here...

using RSS concepts we can display the contents of rss website/pages..

chk out these links ;



*reward points if useful..

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I'm not sure about BSP or some of the web access methods but you can certainly do it easy enough in STANARD SAP provided you have EXCEL on your front end and free access to the INTERNET.

1) In your SAP transaction just fire up EXCEL from an application.

2) Go to Get External data===> new Web query

3) Enter URL

4) Click on Yellow Arrow on the web page you want to get the data from.

5) Import

It's now in your spreadsheet and you can upload it into SAP etc etc.

I've used this for Stocks and shares.

OK not the most elegant method but it will work.

You can automate this also by using some VBA / Macros --quite useful for tracking share prices. You can also feed the data directly into graphs and update reguarly.

If you are on Windows XP just look at the sample *.iqy files provided with OFFICE.



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Hi Sid,

I hope you are using a WAS (6.10 or above).

The ICM allows the WAS to act as either a HTTP Server or Client. Look at <a href=""></a> for sample code.

Once you have successfully made the HTTP call you will then need to parse the payload. You can use the iXML library or simple transformations but this relies on the HTML being well formed and stable. This is rarely the case so you may have to fall back on rudimentary string processing.



p.s. If you are on an old Basis Release (i.e. 4.6C) then you best have a look at the SAP Business Connector.