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data extraction into sap table from legacy oracle database

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Hello All,

I have a scenario where I have two different software systems (SAP and xyz systems), where a intermediate table will be created in between the two systems that is shared. Data will be updated by the xyz systems into this shared table. Now, my questions regarding this shared table.

1) Can we write some program or something to get the data from shared table to update the SAP?

2) If possible send me the suggestions

3) Please also send me the sample code to get the data from the shared table

Thanks in advance,

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this shared table should be compatiable to sap fields...write code to fetch data from this table and assign data to appropriate fields in SAP and insert the data into sap.

1. Push mechanism

Write a RFC on SAP side to insert entries into the table.

Call the RFC from xyz application passing the data you want to insert.

2. Pull mechanism

Write a ABAP Program, where you can somehow read the data of the xyz application and insert data into the table.

3. Flat file

Dump the data from xyz application into the file.

Write a ABAP program to read the file and update the table.

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