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1. what is mean by generic buffering in technical settings ?

2. what is mean by text table in semantic attributes of foreign key?


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1.Buffer Tables on the Application Server

You can considerably reduce the time required to access data by buffering it in the application server table buffer. Reading a single entry from table T001 can take between 8 and 600 milliseconds, while reading it from the table buffer takes 0.2 - 1 milliseconds.

Whether a table can be buffered or not depends its technical attributes in the ABAP Dictionary. There are three buffering types:

· Resident buffering (100%): The first time the table is accessed, its entire contents are loaded into the table buffer.

· Generic buffering: In this case, you need to specify a generic key (some of the key fields) in the technical settings of the table in the ABAP Dictionary. The table contents are then divided into generic areas. When you access data with one of the generic keys, the whole generic area is loaded into the table buffer. Client-specific tables are often buffered generically by client.

· Partial buffering (single record): Only single entries are read from the database and stored in the table buffer.

2.The foreign key table is a text table of the check table, i.e. the key of the foreign key table only differs from the key of the check table in an additional language key field. This is a special case of the category Key fields / candidates.

Only one text table can be created for a table.

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Hi friend,

in technical settings we have 3 types of buffuring..

1) single record buffuring

2) fully buffuring

3) generic buffering

single record buffuring means only one record can be stored in application server.

generic buffering means its not a constant memory it is a variable memory if the new record comes automatically one record of memory is increased and stored in application server.

fully buffering means its constant memory baseg on technical settings size catagory.

try to understand these points and read the abap documentation(F1 help).

ok byeeee