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Data dictionary issue

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Please use a meaningful subject in future

HI Experts,

I have created one custom table, Language field is one of the key fields.Created as below

Field: LANG checked two check boxes Data element: NA_SPRAS and check table is T002.

I am getting one warning message 'Field LANG is a language field. Check usage in key' when I am


Please help me out.

Thanks and regards,


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Try to create the Foreign Key relationship with table T002.

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Please use a meaningful subject in future We can tell it's data dictionary issue, because it's in the data dictionary forum!


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If there are 2 keys for the Database Table then keep LANG as the second field; then it will not give the error.

Hope it helps,

Best Regards,


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Please give the field name as F_LANGU instead of LANG, the below error will not trigger.

Hope this may work..


Prashant Gaikwad

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Please create the foreign key relation for the language field and

Double click on the field name which u are using for language in table and check the checkbox 'text lang' inside database attributes.

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Can u please post the worning message.

please maintain the language field p_langu

NA_SPRAS is message language .

i think you are using t002 table . in this table language field is SPRAS and dataelement is SPRAS

so better to use this dataelement .

if the worning comes below.

Check table <table>

Enhancement category for table missing

Enhancement category for include or subtype missing

Table <TABLE> was checked with warnings

in table creation -- goto extras -

enhancement category --- select cannot be enhanced




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to ur Custom Table have Foreign Key Relationship with table T002.