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Data consistency

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I am new in Abap. Could anyone help me to solve the query.

I have a requirement to modify 2 abap Z* programs and 1

Z* table in DV. But the sources do not exist in DV, only exist in PD.

Is it possible to modify in PD directly without the transport request? I have no access in PD. How can I do ?

Please advise!




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You cannot modify any thing in production (unless basis guy is real close friend of you!)

ABAPERs will not have change access in production system.

Copy the code to DEV system, make changes and then transport it to PD.



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ABAPer does not have a access to production system .Even if u want to change any thing system it would not allow you to do changes .So better to copy the code and make the changes in development system and transport it to the production.

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Its not at all advisable to directl modify the source code in the PD. As its live and slight error in the program can cause havoc.

So you should do the modifications in DV.

Either you copy the program from PD manually. Else ask the basis person to create a transport package for that Program in PD and transport the request to DV.

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Thank you for all quick replies !. This is not normal practice!.

These issues are not little, but it seems that it is their practice, More customized programs and tables are

only exist in PD or there are latest version in PD.

Due to urgent project, I have a chance to have access

in PD. I see some version of the programs which

transport requests are D01Kxxxxx, PRDKxxxxxx.

Assume that the abapper have the right of SYSADMIN:

1. As I know, D01Kxxxx is transported from DV, how

about PRDKxxxx ?

As Swastik says, it may ask the basis person to create a

transport package for that Program in PD and transport the

request to DV. Is PRDKxxxx the TR that may transport

from PD to DV ?

2. If modifying the source in PD directly, the system may

request to enter the access key, may I have the log

to check this?

3. Also, it is possible to

- transport the first source from DV to PD.

- then delete the source in DV, and transport again

from DV to PD

Now, PD will have an up-to-date version, and DV

will not.

May I have a log to check these?

Thanks all again,