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customer master upload using LSMW direct input method - Issues

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i'm working on the customer master upload using LSMW Direct Input method

i was given 6 files i.e for KNA1, KNVV, KNB1 etc

how should i proceed?

should i create a structure for each of the files; like KNA1 as a header structure and the remaining structures in the next level to KNA1 structure?

but how the system will map between the 2 files say between KNA1 and KNVV ( which has got multiple records for each customer); what to do for this?

Also, we have some custom fields which should be populated.. i guess we can't see the fields in the structure which we get in the direct input method.. what do do in this case?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated and assure you of full points

Thanks in advance



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Best method is to split everything into smaller objects.

Start with customer master header data (kna1-level) and load this.

Once this is done, create an LSMW for company code data and a separate one for customer sales data.

It will be a lot easier, then to handle this in one big load (especially if you have sevaral KNVV entries for one customer)

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HI Kris,

Thanks for the prompt reply...

so when we split into smaller objects and creating LSMW for each KNB1, KNVV etc ...what method we should use for this?

different recording for each LSMW or can we use the direct input method i.e when loading KNB1, just fill the BKNB1 structure and when loading KNVV just fill the BKNVV structrure ?

Suppose if we are loading multiple files, how to map the records between the header and item file, in this case, KNA1 and KNVV?



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You can use the direct input method for each object.

In case of sales data :





Linking 2 files:

Just make sure that both files contains a field with the same header. LSMW will link the 2 files automatically

( in case of customer master: KUNNR)

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Hi Kris,

Linking 2 files:

Suppose in file1 we have


and in file 2 we have


You mean to say in the above case LSMW will automatically links the 2 files based on the KUNNR field

Pls confirm

Thanks & Regards


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In my opinion, You can create a single LSMW for all the 6 files. Provided, in all the files the first column should be cutomer number.

While creating the source structures, maintain the dependencies, I mean hierarchy. and after that accordingly assign the source to target. If you this, LSMW will automatically consider the multiple bank, address, ect records.

Coming to next point, i.e. updating the custom fileds.

There are 2 options. One is to enhance the sap standard direct input program ( there are no user exists for doing this, you have to write to SAP ) or take the access key change all the structures and programs.

Another option is copy all the structures and programs to Z and then change them, after this do not forget to customize these to LSMW.

Second option is, After creating the customer master data. Develop an ABAP program or LSMW with recording. You can update the custom fields.

Any issues,



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Thanks Sreekanth & Kris...just one more thing guys...

How to handle quantity fields or currency fields in lsmw?

can we store that as char fields?



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Yes, you have to store them as character fields, normally with a point as decimal (but double check this when testing, it could depend on your user settings)

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Thanks srikanth and kris



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you're welcome...

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