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Customer Interaction Center with SAP Phone

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Dear All,

We are using SAP Phone with CIC, and everything is working well when the SAP Phone server is started, but soon after one by one some of the extensions stop working. The users when they try to do any operation are blocked as SAP R3 is waiting for SAP Phone server to reply and in the log of the server we see the following

"A call to TAPI function lineGetAgentStatus has failed.

Call handle to use: (Not used)

Second call handle to use: (Not used)

(Both or one of them may be marked as "Not used"

if not relevant for TAPI call)


> Extended TAPI information:

TAPI returncode: 0x80000049



2008/10/30 18:44:45:49 Error 0x50016 in Process 1528 Thread 3828

Location: CPHOrderManager::ReturnHandling Module: phordermgr.cpp Line: 1395

The SAPphone Server uses TAPI 2.0 or higher to map

SAPphone functionality to TAPI. Unfortunaltely your

TAPI service provider currently being used does not

implement all TAPI functions required by the SAPphone Server.

In particular, this TAPI function is not supported: lineGetAgentStatus

Please contact the vendor of your TAPI service provider

to get a new version where function lineGetAgentStatus

is implemented or choose a different TAPI service provider."

We have checked the TAPI version and it is 2.1.x. Has anyone faced similar problems? and know of any solutions? If we re-start the SAP Phone server again everything works fine for some time. We checked the memory and its 4GB main memory, and system load is also low

Any help on this will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards



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Did you find the solution for this? We are facing the same problem.



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Did you find the solution for this? We are facing the same problem.