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Custom Tables

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Hi Group,

I have requirement of receiving 1 million records in to SAP daily through interface we are planning to use custom table for storing this data, can any body suggest if there is any performance issues if we store 1 million records/day in to custom tables.


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Hi Rajiv,

In the Technical Settings of table creation give the  value 9 for the size category.

Then the memory will get extended dynamically with the same amount if it is completely filled.

Let me know if any clarification/help required.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Pavan Neerukonda.

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Hi Rajiv,

there are many possible performance issues.

You need a fast table input program. Don't forget  to call fm 'DB_COMMIT' for releasing system lock table entries many times.

You need large drive space and a huge SAP tablespace where your database table is located.

Any SELECT requests on this table will slow down every day. Therefore you will need several matching secondary indexes for fast acess to the requested data.

It sounds like a great quest.