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Custom field on FPM form always read-only

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I want to enhance a component configuration (form UIBB) by adding a new input field. This configuration has assigned an FBI View so it also has a business object. The problem is that the new field is always  read-only. I've tried all the things from in this forum for this topic– to modify in get_data and get_definition from feeder class but nothing is working, I think somewhere these attributes are overwritten, because I've tried to make another field that was on the screen mandatory and didn't work.

I've discovered that it’s working for fields with a search help assigned, but for my particular field  it’s still not working.

In order to add the field on the screen I enhanced the Node UI structure . And If I check in BOPF object in Node Category in the tab Attribute Properties the read-only property is checked for my field. I think because of this reason that field is always read-only. Do you know if I can change it? Can I enhance somehow the BOPF in order to change that tick in the Attributes Properties ?

Or do you have another idea for how to solve this problem?

Thank you,



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I fixed this I made a trick …. I appended a new z field on node Data model combined structure with a search help attached(so the read-only is unchecked ) and then for the ui structure I used the standard domain without a search help. So on UI the search help is disabled but the field is enabled.

But if you have a much elegant solution just let me know! I’m new in this domain so I’m eager to learn.



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HI Ramona,

If you have an exit class in your FBI view, this is the place to control properties (among other things) for UI fields.

you can add a code tomethod


and update



here is a simple code example:

DATA ls_fp         TYPE        /bofu/if_fbi_view_exitintf_run=>ts_field_property.

ls_fp-read_only = 0. ***(use 0/1, and not X/' ')

ls_fp-name = 'SUPPLIER_ID'.
INSERT ls_fp INTO TABLE ct_field_properties.
cv_field_properties_changed = abap_true.

** If you base your new field on a field from the BO, the properties should be retrieved from the BOBF framework, and no coding is required in the exit class.


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Thanks a lot Matan,

But the problem is still there...I've made an enhancement on the exit class for that method but nothing is happening.

I've tried and the enhancement is executed but i can't see the changes in UI. Do you know? maybe i'm missing something.

I've done exactly us you said ...I just changed the field name...

Thanks a lot again


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Hi Ramona,

I just created such an example myself.

I used an existing FBI view, I added a new field to the UI srtucture (which does not exist in the underline BO).

the Edit/Read only properties of the new field reacted as expected without any need for any additional implementation (no need to even use the exit class implementation).

to switch between Edit mode/Read Only mode, I used the standard FMP EDIT & CANCEL buttons.

theoretically, this should work out of the box with no need for additional code as long as you are using the standard FBI feeder class, FBI controller, and the standard FPM EDIT & CANCEL buttons.



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What type do you use for this field?

In Form UIBB you can select different visibility type for fields. For example: as input field, drop-down field, text view. It seems, that your field has type text view. You need to select 'input field' property